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Full-colour instant download E-book of the ‘Phenomenal You – Discovering Your Purpose and Living Your Greatness’ workbook
• 256 Pages

Guided 12 Week “Phenomenal You” Daily Video Series

Plus an invite to our private Phenomenal You Facebook group for inspiring Phenomenal You community discussions!

Together with the beautiful full-colour workbook, Tiamara has created a video series that will guide you through the book just like you were in the room with her. With her daily encouragement and deep explanation of every step you will have a joyous time for twelve weeks asking yourself those specific questions that will cause the change in you to power you up for being who and what you long to be.




Imagine getting aligned to your true self and getting on with living the life you always wanted.

Do you want to get un-stuck and expand like never before? To be authentic in life and capable of being present to the present?

Discovering Your Life Purpose and Living Your Greatness will allow you to take yourself on a 12 week step by step journey where you can discover your purpose and who you are in all your greatness.

After years of guiding people through this programme Tiamara has put this unique and exciting process into a form you can easily guide yourself through.

“Day in and day out I meet amazing people who are carrying their potential and their truth on the inside. They are thwarted and frustrated in actualising who they ‘know’ in their heart that they are and all that they can be or want to be and how they want to live. They nervously or resignedly hover in a place of not really knowing how to change that. These are people of all ages and inclinations from school leavers to accomplished professionals. Phenomenal You asks key questions in the right way and presents concepts that change all of that. This programme will align, recalibrate and reinvigorate people onto their own unique path of purpose and passion. I am yet to share this information with someone who is not completely ignited and on track by the end of it.”

And to all those who have done the courses and read the books. It’s not what you know it’s what you do with it. This programme is all about taking your being and turning it into the doing that will create your fabulous present and fantastic future.

• Discover your purpose
• Know yourself as Your Greatness
• Build upon your core values
• Get Authentic
• Learn to be a massive receptor and so you can expand
• Know what trips you up and change it
• Give up useless internal addictions
• Get the key to empowerment in every moment

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