Personal Coaching – **LIMITED TIME ONLY!** (10% Discount)

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This rare and limited time only offer allows you to join an exclusive group of 8 and meet with Tiamara online each week for 12 weeks. Tiamara will bring her phenomenal coaching skills to your personal situation and personally guide you through your transformation.

12 Weeks of weekly personal transformation coaching via Skype

Receive the beautiful full-colour printed workbook
8″ x 10″
256 Pages

All of the amazing video guidance

Actually get to interact with Tiamara twice a month, that’s 6 times in 12 weeks! You will join the live stream conversation with Tiamara. Live text your questions and join a group of fellow phenomenal people on the journey!

Plus an invite to our private Phenomenal You Facebook group for inspiring Phenomenal You community discussions!



“Tiamara Williams is – quite honestly – an exceptional, amazing, loving, courageous, passionate and remarkably inspirational woman.
During my time with Tiamara’s coaching she never failed to show up for me as a luminescent beacon of loving support, insightful guidance & wild inspiration… always challenging me to keep pushing the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of. She so instilled in me the inspiration to live an expanded life, that 2 years down the track, I continue to refer to Tiamara and her methods as a benchmark for how I want to be and create in the world. I am fully stepping in to my own work now. I have resigned from my day job and realigned my life to support the work I feel I’m here to do. The courage to take that step largely came from Tiamara’s influence during our time together. Even now, when I lack clarity, focus or faith that I am up to the task, I sometimes ask myself “what would Tiamara do here? What steps would she take to empower herself through this?”
Tiamara has an unwavering commitment to transcending the impossible… bringing light where there is darkness, educating where there is ignorance, uniting where there is division and activating where there is indifference. She shines those brilliant blue eyes out in to the world and time & time again, the world responds to Tiamara with a YES!
This expansive, inspired, co-creative relationship to life is what she nurtures in others to enable them to hold a vision for the best life they can imagine. Her work is a testament to the belief that no obstacle or circumstance can override the potential to bring out greatness in all beings.”
– Courtenay Stickels, Perth, Australia


“I began without a clue about my purpose and wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do with my life. I now have a clear purpose and idea of what I want to do. I’m petrified but it’s a good feeling like opening a big box full of surprises, adventures and possibilities. I loved Tiamara’s approach, energy and openness to share and bare her soul. The content was fascinating, informative with awesome wisdom. Thank you Tiamara for a wonder-filled journey of discovery.”
– Russel Southey, South Africa


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Imagine getting aligned to your true self and getting on with living the life you always wanted.

Do you want to get un-stuck and expand like never before? To be authentic in life and capable of being present to the present?

Discovering Your Life Purpose and Living Your Greatness will allow you to take yourself on a 12 week step by step journey where you can discover your purpose and who you are in all your greatness.

After years of guiding people through this programme Tiamara has put this unique and exciting process into a form you can easily guide yourself through.

“Day in and day out I meet amazing people who are carrying their potential and their truth on the inside. They are thwarted and frustrated in actualising who they ‘know’ in their heart that they are and all that they can be or want to be and how they want to live. They nervously or resignedly hover in a place of not really knowing how to change that. These are people of all ages and inclinations from school leavers to accomplished professionals. Phenomenal You asks key questions in the right way and presents concepts that change all of that. This programme will align, recalibrate and reinvigorate people onto their own unique path of purpose and passion. I am yet to share this information with someone who is not completely ignited and on track by the end of it.”

And to all those who have done the courses and read the books. It’s not what you know it’s what you do with it. This programme is all about taking your being and turning it into the doing that will create your fabulous present and fantastic future.

• Discover your purpose
• Know yourself as Your Greatness
• Build upon your core values
• Get Authentic
• Learn to be a massive receptor and so you can expand
• Know what trips you up and change it
• Give up useless internal addictions
• Get the key to empowerment in every moment