Are you letting go of your old life and not sure what the new one is yet?

Then you are in exactly the right place.

When you are in transition between phases of your life it can be confusing and disconcerting.

Maybe your nest has become empty, or you are leaving or wanting to leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. Whether you have sold a business or are moving country, Phenomenal You is here to get you on track and provide you with the tools you need to get clarity about your purpose, passion, direction and address the things that will stop you if you are not aware of them.

Plus you will have a 5 year plan, and by the end of the 12 weeks will already be 12 weeks into your new life.

Phenomenal You provides you with the keys to:
  Discover who you are in all your greatness
  Find out your unique purpose in life
  Identify your passion and talents
  Get you on track to creating a new life aligned to your dreams, passions and purpose.
  Clear out what may stop you from creating the life you want.
  Teach you tools that will empower you on the journey forward.

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