Who is Tiamara?

Tiamara Williams has spent the last decade living a life of purpose, global adventure and authenticity. She is a personal transformation coach, humanitarian, educator, writer, speaker, TV producer and host and a judge on AYE, a reality show across the African continent empowering young entrepreneurs.

She has hosted a talk show ‘Tia’ in New Zealand and created and produced the TV series Inspiring Lives Global which followed her creating projects of transformation from the slums of Mumbai to the back blocks of Ecuador and high security prison in South Africa, all the while interviewing world leaders as she went. Tiamara then spent 2 years developing and delivering a leadership programme to disadvantaged youth in South Africa.

Now with ‘Phenomenal You’ she is sharing her insights, and the methods she uses to live life large and bright.

Change Maker

Transformation Coach

Business Woman

Television Producer

Change Maker

Inspiring Lives Global

Inspiring Lives Global took birth in 2008 when Tiamara Williams set out on a journey to empower and inspire humanity to live their best life and create a better world. As a talkshow host and TV producer Tiamara imagined her way would be via media, bringing to light the great positive changemakers on the planet.

The Next Generation Transformation Programme

The Projects Tiamara initiated and completed:
INDIASchool renovation in poor rural tribal village.
INDIACombatting preventable blindness.
SOUTH AFRICAChallenging HIV/AID’s stigma in coloured shantytown.
SOUTH AFRICAPrisoner rehabilitation programme.
SOUTH AFRICABridging the economic and racial divide with teens via sport.
JORDANWomen’s empowerment with refugee
ECUADORRenovation of a poor rural school and integrating organic and sustainable agriculture into the community.
ECUADORCatalyzing the irradication of plastic bag use for shopping in a small city.
COLOMBIABogata children at Risk
CHINAEco education: Awakening the Chinese youth to their responsibility and impact on the environment and teaching them life skills to care for our earth.

Business Woman

Being an entrepreneur has always been a part of Tiamara’s makeup. From Freelance writing, Transformation Coaching, co-owning and running a chain of health stores, TV production and in more recent times she has developed a passionate interest in brokering business between Africa and the rest of the world.

With her strong and trusted relationships across the globe she is in a unique position to support the process of African business people reaching the world in a way that is a win win for all.


Tiamara started out in life as a script writer for Australian television. She then moved to New Zealand and worked for many years as a business owner leading a team and developing a culture of expectation, inspiration and productivity among staff.  

Returning to TV was always her destiny. “I love being able to communicate to people on mass. I have a passionate interest in combining education, inspiration and media. 

Tiamara produced and presented the “Tia” show in Canterbury, New Zealand. A talkshow that covered topics like health, relationships, money, motivation and inspiration.

For the past three years Tiamara has been a judge on the Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs panel. With her fellow judges she has interviewed and assessed scores of applicants as they pitch their enterprises. With everything from traditional medicine healers to high tech alternative energy inventors the journey has been a fascinating and rewarding one.

The show is aired across the African continent on the DSTV platform and watched by millions. Read an article about it here.

Tiamara World Youtube

Now Tiamara is making a foray into the youtube space with her Tiamara World vlogs and will continue to produce content that educates and inspires.


For 25 years Tiamara has studied intensively a myriad of modalities, psycho-therapies and forms of coaching which now form the foundation of her own coaching modality. Tiamara walks the talk and coaches in a manner which reflects her own deep understanding of the human psyche and ability to communicate that in practical form to others. Tiamara had a dream to make a difference in the world uplifting and inspiring humanity to live their best lives and create a better world. She has met and learnt from Presidents, Nobel Laureates and some of the worlds leading business entrepeneurs, seeking to understand their secrets to success and contribution.